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Product name:Cryogenic metal treating chamber
Product brand:cryogenic
Product origin:beijing

Product overview

Technical parameters:

Working temperature: +200℃~-196℃

Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

Temperature accuracy: ±2℃

Capacity: 360L

Touch screen + PLC

English & Chinese operating display panel

Material: 304 stainless steel



Cryogenic treatment is a new technology widely services for deep cryogenic processing,deep-freezing and sub-zero stabilization of metals and other materials.  Cryogenic treatment uses liquid nitrogen (-196)as refrigerant as well as specific timing to relieve residual stresses when processing metals, to create very fine eta carbides, increase fatigue life and abrasion resistance, and convert retained austenite to martensite. The benefit of this process are increased part life, less wear and improved performance of the metal parts, such as cutters,gears, brakes,etc. Except of that, cryogenic treatment can also used in the field of mechanical engineering, medical research,plant preservation, aerospace and laboratory,etc.